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    Yama Malva was born through two strong women: Marisa and Marta.

    Inspired and in love with their South American land, their family and above all their potential. A life project that became a great passion. It all started looking for something that would express the essence of its creators: originality, elegance and distinction.They are inspired by women who do not give up, who fight for what they want, who create from their inspiration and make wonders of it. Lovers and connoisseurs of crafts and textiles, they found in leather what they were looking for so much. The leather, its perfume, the special touch and the strength of the material was what prompted them to pursue their great dream.

    Yama Malva is the expression of faith in themselves

    Their struggle and that of many women, who pass into eternity for their humble and spectacular talents at the same time. Yama Malva's bags represent Eva, Mao, Tomoe, Jingu, Onna, Ella and Helen. Women who have inspired and marked them, this is a tribute to them. An imprint is left on each piece. An imprint like the one left on you by that woman you remember with affection and admiration. They work from Buenos Aires and Ubrique. Because they want to highlight the local work of the artisan who has been treating the skin with delicacy and love for so many years. That same care and affection that the creators put in each conceived bag. That is why a Yama Malva bag is forever. Because it is a piece that goes with you in your walk, that does not change over time. That trusts your talent. And that is tireless, like you.

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