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    Madrid and the Jingu bag

    Tuesday of work and fun time with our Jingu bag

    We leave Barcelona very early, headed to Madrid, by train, nearly half-asleep… at sunrise.

    To work and enjoy the day, which starts off cloudy and cool.

    Green tea, a sandwich and meetings that finish by noon. Then we began to wander aimlessly, inhaling the scent of the trees along the path next to the Prado Museum.

    We stop and take a photo: I am fascinated by the stone benches…

    There is no rush, just watchful eyes. It seems like every space is unique, a stage to photograph.

    The Retiro Park, the Prado Museum, the Alcalá Gate, the Salamanca neighbourhood. Statues, parks and streets, everything attracts me…

    I am one of those who believes it is better to look with your eyes and not through your phone, but I can’t help it.

    Everything is inspiring. And the Jingu bag, an ideal choice.

    I believe that combining a day of work and leisure is vital Recharging energy,

    meeting new people, working in a café, breaking the routine. Trying not to stack up meetings and taking a break to assess what we are doing, to continue then with more strength.

    Madrid is at its best, full of tourists eager to explore its streets and museums, visit shops and enjoy a delightful meal. The wind stirs autumn leaves, mixing with sunshine and gray clouds, that give way as the day unfolds. It is finally not raining…

    The trench coat is not necessary anymore and it’s so light it fits into theJingu bag.

    The Jingu bag is perfect for a long day

    I walk with wonder through every corner, some are new, some already familiar. Jingu bag on my shoulder… And when I realize my feet need a rest, it’s time for a cappuccino and lemon cake, with my book as companion.

    The pause is not long, just enough to finish a few pages… I could walk all day, but my train departures at 7:25 pm.

    The chestnut trees near Retiro remind me that despite the temperature, summer is over.

    I blend in with runners and scooters, people heading home.

    With Jingu and the book in hand, I, too, begin the journey back…

    Last picture of the city sky… until next time, Madrid!

    Stay beautiful and vibrant as always! We will be back soon…