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    Welcome to the Yama Malva blog

    Dear Yama friends,
    Let us begin as in a conversation, our first one, where we tell you about our life and you tell us your own experiences.

    We are Marisa and Marta, the women behind Yama Malva. We are proud of our stories, our paths and our struggles.
    And we would love to be part of your life, because we are much more than a bag brand. We are already a community.
    The Yama Malva one, that´s growing little by little, thanks to the love of our customers, that became also friends.
    Those who trusted us from the very beginning. And those who are just getting to know us.
    Marisa and I met 20 years ago in Barcelona. We were just foreign in the city, with the dream of making it our home, perhaps a definitive one…


    Marisa and Buenos Aires
    Marta and Marisa
    Marta and Buenos Aires
    Marisa, a leather designer, linked to the industry for as long as I can remember, and I, a textile designer. We were united by our love for our country and our family, our common ideals and the beauty of Barcelona. And because we have always thought a good leather accessory should be part of every woman’s wardrobe.
    Some years later, Marisa is back in Buenos Aires and I am still in Barcelona (maybe forever? Who knows..). We dream of doing something together, again, and this is how Yama Malva is born.
    With Argentinian roots, and a heart in Barcelona.
    Inspired in every strong woman, and paying tribute to those who have changed the course of their lives a thousand times.
    To the ones that love their family above all things. To the brave ones that are just beginning a new path… to the ones that believe, like we do, in a better world.
    My Home in Barcelona
    Postcards from Buenos Aires
    Yama Malva is new and “old”; is young and experienced. It´s timeless, as we believe in spending consciously. And it’s responsible, cause we produce locally.
    Our ONNA
    TOMOE, the icon
    And enough for today… if you want to learn more about our brand and our story, write us by DM or to our e-mail address We are here for you, wherever you are..always…